Holiday Decorating!


What would any holiday be without decorations? In my house, decorating for holidays has always been fun, especially for Halloween and Christmas! My mom has a very creative spirit, and our house reflects that around the holidays. We’re always looking for a new way to arrange our decorations or incorporate a new piece.


Over the weekend, the decorating commenced. Lights were put on the bushes outside, boxes were dragged up from the basement, we went to get our Christmas tree at Redwood Nursery, and we also shopped for new décor at Target and Michael’s.

dsc_0141.jpgToday, everything has come together more. We changed up the mantle a bit from the first photo, added another Sparkly Reindeer from HomeGoods and more frosty greenery. Our mantle is also pretty thin, so we are always experimenting with new ways to hang up our stockings. This year my mom opted for small clear command hooks, and bought us some new matching stockings from Target!


Usually, we have a mirror over the mantle, so we swapped that out for this birch branch with ribbon and fur wreath. Also shown here is the most luxurious fur blanket from Pottery Barn. We have a few of them, as they are the most amazing blankets that we use all year round! This one is actually on sale right now too.


The fur wreath is from Target (couldn’t find the link), and most of the decorations (little pink trees, snowy cottage painting, etc.) are from a local Rhode Island store called Grasmere. They make custom wreaths and have perfect, little Christmas decorations and trinkets.


We also added a few of the glittery paper garlands to our tree from Pottery Barn. Stay tuned throughout the Holiday’s, as things are always changing in this house in terms of decorating!


Thanks for reading, feedback is much appreciated! Happy Holidays!

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