SOLUDOS… how did I not know of these before? Soludos have quickly become one of my favorite shoe brands! I discovered them this summer while shopping at Slate in Edgartown, and fell in love with them from the moment I saw them. I had been looking for a cute pair of espadrilles, but I couldn’t seem to find the perfect looking pair. All the other pairs online looked flimsy and seemed expensive.


Just before the Fourth of July, I noticed that Soludos was having a sale on their website. I bought my first pair and anxiously awaited for them to come in. I took my time carefully choosing what pair I would buy, based on the color, cute embroidery and style. Ultimately, I chose the Platform Smoking Slipper in a blue-chambray color, with the yellow embroidered “sun-shine” on the shoes. The shoes finally came in (the company is in California, I had the shoes shipped to Rhode Island and it took a while) and they were PERFECT. At first they felt a bit tight, but I brought them with me to Martha’s Vineyard right after I got them because they were so cute! I decided to debut them right away and wore them to the Martha’s Vineyard Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser, with this blue and white linen dress from Island Company.


My next Soludos purchase was a pair of the Frenchie Platform Smoking Slippers. These took more breaking-in than the first pair. They are also on sale right now from Slate‘s online store, as well as a few other adorable pairs! I also have since then purchased the Tan Leather Platform Smoking Slippers, shown here. I decided to try out the 7.5, as I heard these were tighter than the canvas shoes. They feel like they fit, I think the 7 might’ve been a little small.


I now have several Soludos purchases in mind for when winter is over! I also have a pair of the Velvet Platform Smoking Slippers on my Christmas wishlist. These shoes are sure to keep you on trend, especially in the “wine” color! Visit Soludos’ website or get some of these awesome espadrilles from Slate. Happy Holidays!

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