Gift Ideas for Birthdays Right After The Holidays

With my family and friends, I have noticed there are a lot of  post-holiday birthdays. My grandmother’s on December 29th, my boyfriend Max’s birthday was yesterday, January 8th, my aunt’s the 27th and my birthday is January 29th! While buying Christmas gifts for Max, I couldn’t help but think, I need to get something good for his birthday too. It was hard to think of something awesome and useful when we had exchanged Christmas gifts just a fews weeks ago! Here are a few ideas on what to get anyone in your life with a post-holiday birthday:

An Inexpensive Trip 


2018 has been deemed as the year of travel, especially affordable travel. With the rise of inexpensive airlines, travel is becoming much more attainable. So my first suggestion would be to grab a few cheap flights and explore a new place, or to escape the cold!

Out of Season Sale Items


There are some great sales going on right now, especially of past seasons clothes. I got Max a great pair of shorts from J.Crew that were marked down and then 70% off. It was 12 degrees and windy the day I gave him the shorts, but he still liked them. This type of gift could also compliment the inexpensive trip to somewhere warm!

A Wallet/Bag

Yours Personalized

A birthday in the new year? Perfect for getting them something new that they will use often. I got Max this monogrammed wallet from Etsy, because he really needed a new one, and what better time than the new year to clean out your old wallet!

An Agenda

Fairfield University Bookstore

Start off the new year with organization! This will be sure to please any family member, whether in school or for work. I just bought this planner from Lilly Pulitzer  that has writing space for each week.

Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Alta Nordstrom

Fitness is often a new year’s resolution or a birthday resolution. I personally have had a Fitbit for over a year now, and I love it! My whole family has them, we do weekly challenges to see who can get the most steps. Max even got one too! We do weekly and weekend challenges with our friends from school, and the challenges are actually really motivating. A Fitbit or an Apple Watch are great ways to help stay on top of fitness goals!

While I’m sure anything you get for your family, friends, or significant others with post-holiday birthdays will make them happy, hopefully this list helps. Thanks for reading!

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