The Bachelor: Initial Reaction


We are 3 weeks and 3 episodes in to The Bachelor, and this season is proving to be hilariously dramatic. This season, more than ever, it is easy to pick out the girls that are trying to stand out with ridiculous behavior and just there to become (sort of) Instagram famous. There are also a bunch of strange characters… like Kendall the taxidermy girl, or Annaliese who has had an alarming number of traumatic experiences in her lifetime.

Arie seems like a nice guy, although I was certainly thrown off by the first two dates of the show. Giving Becca K. multiple gowns, Louboutins, and expensive jewelry (did she get to keep these?), and bringing Krystal to meet his parents are two dates I would have never expected on Nick’s season.

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There is a really eclectic group of girls on the show this season. There are some really dramatic girls on this season as well. Krystal is becoming more and more dramatic by the second, Chelsea seems to have toned it down since the first episode, and Bibiana was not afraid to tell Krystal off. Everyone hates Krystal at this point… honestly I just thought she was just faking the drama until in Episode 3, when she said that this process is just something Arie has to do and she knows they are going to be together in the end already. Who says that? She’ll probably be on the show for awhile, but I’d be shocked if she “wins.”


Initially, it is hard to predict who was a favorite, because Arie was so positive about all the girls. I thought he would’ve really liked a few of the Lauren’s, or Annaliese. After he kicked off Lauren J., Lauren S., and Lauren G., theres still hope for Lauren B., who is definitely a contender… I think she might have a 1-on-1 date coming soon. Annaliese seemed great in the beginning, but she knew her and Arie had no chemistry and she didn’t like any of the things he liked.

I feel like Arie is going to come to know and like Caroline a lot, so that definitely going to be one of my top pics even though she’s much younger than him. Age seems not to bother him now, although in the preview for next week Bekah M. asks Arie if he knows how old she is. Does he really not know unless they tell him? Feel free to answer any of these questions, and remember if Caroline wins, you heard it here first. 🙂


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