Post-Grad Life & Jobs


I loved college. I graduated in May, and ever since then nothing has been the same. I still have all my same friends and live with a classmate, but nothing beats the feeling of excitement when you get to go back to school after a long break. I had the greatest friends and just an overall fun time both learning and going out.

Post-grad, I got a job as an Account Executive at Yelp in New York City. A few friends from school had the same job and started just before me. I started living in NYC and working at Yelp in September. I tried to stay positive, I just couldn’t find a good work/life balance. I just went to work, went to the gym, made dinner, showered and then I felt like it was time for bed. I didn’t take the time to have fun in New York with friends from school or new friends from work. I was miserable, and ending up quitting during my second month there.

After going back and forth from Rhode Island, to Philly (to visit my boyfriend), to New York for a few months, I accepted a social media internship at INSIDER, the lifestyle publication from Business Insider.


While it was strange accepting an internship after I already had a salary position, I have absolutely no regrets. I love working at such a cool company with awesome people. They have a great culture and there are a ton of interns all in the same boat as me! I work with the social media team, we talk, goof off, have fun and also get so much work done. I love contributing to something, which is exactly what I do every day at INSIDER.

I’m also back full time at my apartment in NYC, which has been awesome. I have a good routine, a good work/life balance, and I’m not afraid to go meet up with friends for dinner or a drink on a weeknight! While sometimes I do love to just go to the gym, cook and watch TV in bed, I know that is not how I should be treating my time here.

The moral of the story is just to take a chance after college, try to enjoy yourself and don’t be afraid to do what makes you happy!


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