Cult Gaia Ark Bag Duplicate!!

If there’s one thing that many bloggers love, it’s the “Ark” bag from cult gaia. These bags are so cute and add a cool, beachy vibe to any outfit.

When I saw the price of Mackenzie Horan’s pearl acrylic cult gaia bag I gasped. I felt like an adult that says “you paid for clothes with holes in them?” In reference to ripped jeans. But nearly $300 for a bag that literally has holes in it? That is far too much.

After searching the internet for a good duplicate at a much lower price, I settled on this exact look-a-like bag from Amazon. You can’t even tell the difference, especially from a far! The bag I purchased came with a dust bag, as well as a little “silk” tie to add some flair, which was a really nice surprise.

I would definitely recommend checking out Amazon for less expensive options!

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