Current Events & May Amazon Purchases


This post is overdue, however I still wanted to share! May was a crazy month, it went from chilly and rainy to warm and sunny. I also had a crazy month at work, although it calmed down a bit from March and April. It seems like WFH has either been crazy or completely relaxed for some. I have been saving a ton of money while living at my parents house, and now I am officially moving out of my NYC apartment for the time being.

It is impossible to miss what is going on in our country right now regarding Black Lives and LGBTQ+ rights. If you have been saving money in quarantine, I highly suggest donating to causes such as For the Gworls, The Nina Pop and Tony McDade Mental Health Recovery Fund, or visiting this article from The Strategist which lays out a ton of funds to donate too. If you can’t donate, look into educating yourself with a book/documentary/article, becoming and ally, or attending a protest.

That being said, back to working from home. I purchased a few items from Amazon that I wanted to share that are making work from home a little easier:


Jumpsuit / Mug Warmer / Phone Stand

A cozy jumpsuit that really is a pair of joggers with a tank top attached will make you feel put together in an outfit, even though you just changed out of your pajamas.

The mug warmer is actually what I got my mom for Mother’s Day, we make hot coffee & hot lemon water a lot here, so this was a great gift since our drinks are always getting cold!

THIS phone stand has been so great for me, as I felt like my thumb was hurting from holding my phone and scrolling so much in quarantine. I also feel like having it upright and in front of me keeps me from compulsively checking my phone. I got it in the gold color, but honestly it kind of has a rose gold tint. There is a rose gold option & silver option as well!

Happy Shopping!! xx

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