Tips for Finding an Apartment in NYC


Every summer, recent college grads flock to New York City, often for a new job at a flashy big company or promising start-up. After graduating from Fairfield last spring, I also applied to many a job in New York. I even started looking at apartments before I was employed, as one of my roommates started working a month earlier than I did. While I didn’t have a job, I was determined to get one in New York, and looking for that apartment early made all the difference.

We didn’t have a very good plan when we started to look at first and that was crucial. I was still living at home and I had to come to NYC on multiple occasions to look at certain apartments we randomly looked up on StreetEasy. Thankfully, we decided to wait another month for the move-in date. More research and more walking around New York, looking at apartments was very helpful.

Here are my tips for successfully finding an apartment:

Make a budget

Luckily, my roommates and I were mostly on the same page budget wise. We had said things like “we’d be willing to pay $100 more a month for a super and a washing machine in unit.” Also, beware of the “net prices” of apartments. It sounds like a good deal and the one month rent-free was nice, but I still have to cough up the extra money every month.

Make a list of necessities

In addition to your budget, this list can have things like laundry in the building, doorman, live-in super, close to restaurants or grocery stores, gyms, etc. My friends had a list that also said things like “Can you hear the traffic from outside?” “Is it on the ground floor?” “Does the building have a history of rats/roaches?” (Unless it’s brand new, they all do).

Do research/ take a walk/look around different neighborhoods

When we first looked we stayed at a friends apartment in Lenox Hill, so we looked around that area. My roommate’s sister lived in the East Village, so we also looked around there. I didn’t really know what neighborhood I wanted to be in, but after a whole day of looking around two specific areas, I realized there were many more places to look. We found a decent place with many of our list items checked off in Murray Hill.

Look on StreetEasy or contact a broker

While the photos and information may not always be accurate, this site is a helpful tool. I literally found the apartment we currently live in on StreetEasy and while it’s small and has its moments, its a pretty decent spot with no fees. We also had gotten in touch with a broker from a friend, and she gave us some helpful information. We didn’t end up meeting with or seeing apartments with the broker, which is definitely a good way to save money.

Give yourself time, but don’t be afraid to jump on an opportunity

Time is essential for finding the perfect apartment. While these apartments come and go, its necessary to look around and find areas that you like, in your price range, with your list of wants and needs. We did look for awhile, but I’m glad we did wait to look at more apartments in different areas with an organized plan. (Spreadsheets are helpful as well!) However, don’t be afraid to jump on an opportunity if it feels right. An apartment in our friend’s building with HUGE rooms and closets, a big living space, all the bells and whistles really went literally within hours. We looked, we loved it, we decided to look at others, and by the time we called to put down a deposit, the apartment was already taken. If you love it, don’t hesitate, especially if it checks all the boxes.

Thanks for reading and good luck with the apartment search! Please leave feedback and/or questions in the comments below.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! My family celebrated at home today for the first time in years. It was nice to have a delicious homemade meal, company, and another beautiful day.

My mom made 2 different quiches and cinnamon buns to start the day! I had them as more of a breakfast portion to our “brunch.” The first was spinach, asparagus & goat cheese and the second was a cheddar, mushroom & red pepper quiche.

I ran to Seven Stars Bakery to grab iced tea for my sister and I, in addition to a hot cross bun for my grandmother! Yesterday, my mom and I made some Easter-themed Rice Krispy treats, and today we decided to give them jelly bean eyes. We used the special “Spring” version of the Rice Krispies cereal and added some neon pink food coloring to give them even more of a fun spring feeling.

The cooking and cleaning continued, as well as getting ready for our guests to arrive.

After many outfit deliberations, I decided to wear a new pair of Lilly Palazzo Pants I got from the After Party Sale this past summer, along with my favorite sweater from Wooden Ships and J.Crew Espadrille Wedges.

Overall, a successful day with the family. One more day at home before I head back to NYC. Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow, hopefully that’s an April Fools joke. Hope everyone had an amazing Easter weekend!

The Sun Finally Came Out!

A few weeks ago, it seemed as if winter was NEVER going to end. Yesterday in NYC it was a mild day but rainy and not very sunny. I headed home after work to Rhode Island for Easter, and hoped that the weather would be sunny and warm.

I got just what I asked for, and today was a perfect sunny day! Not the warmest day but it was nice to sit outside in lululemon cropped leggings and a Patagonia pullover.

Today included some hanging out in the backyard, enjoying the nice weather and preparing for Easter at our house tomorrow. After shopping, baking, cooking and cleaning, all that is left is to pick out an outfit for tomorrow. Let’s hope the weather stays warm and sunny, because I’m breaking out the Lilly!

Anyway, here are the details for today’s outfit:

Sunglasses: Customized Ray-Ban Aviators

Pullover: Patagonia Re-Tool Snap-T

Necklace: Marlyn Schiff Silver Wishbone

A Year of FabFitFun & Review of 2018 Spring Box

DSC_0161I signed up for FabFitFun after seeing it heavily advertised on social media by contestants from “The Bachelor.” I had heard of it before but Instagram offered more photos, more information and frankly, a discount code to use on my first order. (Thanks, Jasmine) The whole thing is “full-sized products worth over $200 for only $40,” which is totally true! Most of the products are really great and I actually have re-purchsed a few products after I finished them.


The only downside to FabFitFun is that there is limited customization. You can pick a few different items, but not more than 2 or 3 per box. I also understand its supposed to be a variety of items, but makeup its not one of my favorite things. I did receive an eyeshadow palette in the 2017 winter box that I loved, but other than that the other makeup products I have received have been kind of a miss in terms of color and style.


I have officially done a full year of boxes, so I decided to write a review after getting one for each season (plus another!)


Let’s get to the products in the Spring 2018 box: I got to customize the box and pick between a jewelry item and a skincare product (i think). I chose these amazing earrings from Ettika and a body butter from Korres.


This box was filled with skincare products, which is a win for me since these are the products I think I tend to use the most. I used the body butter and the Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion the day I opened the box! I also used the Free People x Understated Leather eye mask. Other products included the Dermelect Cosmeceuticals Makeover Ridge Filler, Dove Exfoliating Body Polish, Physique 57 massage roller, Anderson Lilley candle in “Manhattan Beach,”  ISH Lip Statement Palette, a $50 off promotion from HelloFresh, and finally a reversible clutch from Rachel Pally.


I probably won’t use the ISH Lip Palette, just because I’m not very adventurous when it comes to makeup, but I opened it to see the colors and there is a big variety! I received the Rachel Pally clutch in this orange/yellow/red floral/leather and it’s just horrible.


I looked online at the other colors, and I like them so much better! It’s a shame, but hey, I opened the box last night, listed the clutch on Poshmark a few hours ago and it already sold! That’s the beauty of spending the $49.99 for the box, I didn’t like the clutch and sold it for $15, so that will probably go towards my next FabFitFun box.

What do you guys think of FabFitFun? I’d love to hear! Thanks for reading.


Products I’m Loving Right Now

Taking care of oneself can be a challenge. Scheduling appointments with all my doctors, eating the right foods, working out regularly and not overindulging are some things I struggle with. In addition, I tend to be plagued with stress and anxiety from time to time.

I set a few goals for the New Year, most of which were ways to take better care of myself. Whether it be moisturize more often or try to reduce stress and anxiety, here are some products that I have been loving in terms of self-care!

Essential Oils Rollers from White Lotus

I stumbled upon these essential oil rollerballs on a trip to the mall with my boyfriend in his home town. This store was filled with cute little trinkets, clothes and a large number of essential oils, fragrances and candles. These rollers both smell amazing, I put them on before I head out to work and when I get out of the shower at night.

bliss maximum moisture cream

I have always been a fan of bliss products. They used to sell them at Sephora, but now I’ve found they are available at Ulta or online! These moisturizes are on the pricey side, but they really do the trick. I noticed results immediately, plus the scents are soothing.

Stress Relief Pillow Mist

I’ve been using this since last year at school. I just loved the relaxing but fresh scent of the spearmint and eucalyptus pillow mist. I usually use a spray or two on my pillow before I lay down at night to sleep/watch Netflix. It’s a very calming nightly routine, although sometimes I just forget to use it. They have a whole line of products in this scent from Bath & Body Works, I also recommend the body wash!

Jack Wills FOUR Fragrance

Definitely had some trouble finding a good link for this product, as it appears to be out of season. My mom got it for me for Christmas, and I LOVE this scent! Rollerballs are so much easier to carry around with you on the go.

Vitamin Gummies!

I actually got these in my FabFitFun box ages ago, and I ran out of them. I’ve been meaning to buy a new one, because honestly these taste SO good. You’re supposed to have two a day, and it sometimes is the perfect little sweet treat I’m craving AND it’s a vitamin.

While I may not be the best to give health tips, these products are sure to help you take care of yourself. 🙂