After Party Sale purchases

This post is fairly overdue, considering the sale is over! However, I kept it pretty simple this winter.

I wasn’t trying to completely break the bank, and truth-be-told I wasn’t that impressed with a lot of the items during the winter APS sale.

A few necessities, some fun items, and some new styles are what I purchased during this sale. Again, I wasn’t crazy about any of the prints and my size was sold out in a few items I had my eye on. I wasn’t that sad about it though, as I feel like all my energy usually goes into the summer APS sale.

Here are my purchases from the winter After Party Sale this week:

Karlie Wrap Romper

I had never actually tried on one of these rompers before, but I liked the look of the style. It does fit interestingly… you have to tie it very tight around the waist to make sure the wrap goes across your chest appropriately. It is cute and comfortable, although I may size up to a small next time.

Large Agenda 2018-2019

I bought a different agenda last year from Lilly, it ran weekly instead of daily and was easier to carry around. I do love their planners, and I swear they were the secret to my academic success. Now I just like to have them to feel organized!

Inflatable Drink Holder Set

These were just too cute to pass up for $5! I can’t wait to use them in Florida in February and March and again this summer on the Vineyard!

Collette Seersucker Skort

Truthfully, I thought that the cute lobster on the side was embroidered. It is somewhat, but mostly sequins which is not exactly my style. It’s still very cute though and I can wear it to spruce up a white shirt!

That’s all for this sale — let me know if you got anything good!


Dagne Dover Landon Carryall

I first discovered Dagne Dover bags from a targeted Instagram ad when I moved to New York. Then, I started to see them on the streets and on the subway during my morning commute.

While working at Business Insider, I saw one of our reporters had done a write up about the Dagne Dover brand, more specifically, the Landon Carryall. The reporter gave it an astounding review, and as someone who frequents the gym pre/post work hours, this bag became a wish list item.

Fast forward to today, my apartment is not exactly a quick walk to my gym (or anything for that matter, but that’s another story). I also enjoy taking boutique fitness classes, often located in more high-end areas. My new job in advertising has less consistent hours, so I need to bring my gym clothes to work and be ready for a workout class or gym session anywhere from 5:30-7.

I decided that this was the perfect time to ask for a Dagne Dover bag for my birthday in January. To my surprise, they were running a sale on “seasonal” items, which included certain colors of the Landon Carryall! I ordered ASAP, as I’m not sure how often they have sales during the year. I scored the “haze camo” color for 25% off plus 10% off of that for being a new customer.

The bag said it would take 5-7 business days to arrive, and it arrived in 2 days. Very speedy shipping. The bag is perfect, I ordered a size large and I think it will do well for gym necessities, as well as an over-night bag for a quick weekend trip/carry-on.

The bag expands a bit when you unbutton the sides, and has ample pockets on the inside. A dust bag was included, as well as an internal zipper pouch and shoe bag. An adjustable over the shoulder strap was also included on the inside, which will be helpful on a crowded subway or run through Penn Station.

I definitely would recommend this bag, and if you’re interested check out their seasonal sale. I got the large size for the price of the small Landon Carryall, although beware the colors are not the traditional black/navy/gray. Feel free to reach out with any questions, or for a referral code!

J.Crew Cyber Weekend Picks

J.Crew is always one of my go-to stores to shop during the Black Friday/Cyber Weekend sales. They always have great deals on items I’ve been eyeing for winter.

If you can actually get on their website (unlike yesterday), here are some of my wishlist picks, favorites and purchases!

I bought this sweater blazer in September for 40% off, and it is a great staple piece for fall/winter/spring. I wore it to interviews, and continue to wear it to work often.

I purchased the camel color, and I’m asking for this great green color for Christmas.

I saw this sweater online and I knew I had to have it. J.Crew comes out with these uniquely printed sweaters every so often, and they usually end up being my favorite.

I scored this amazing orange fair isle sweater on clearance a few years back and it is still my favorite sweater to this day. I even wore it to thanksgiving dinner this year!

This crewneck sweater is just so classic, with a little bit of embellishment, which definitely makes it a sweater that will be in your wardrobe for years to come.

It also comes in multiple, gorgeous fall/winter colors.

As I said before, I got a fair isle sweater from J.Crew years ago and it has been my favorite sweater ever since.

This dress reminds me of that same fair isle sweater, but with a different color scheme and a new twist: a sweater dress! I have always been a fan of sweater dresses and I’m glad this one is in a fun fair isle print.

THIS COAT. I saw this coat and I knew it needed it immediately. I had been on the hunt for a teddy coat, but this was THE ONE. The pink is super extra, but I loved it and it looks even better in person.

Thankfully my mom ordered it for me as a gift and got me 2 sizes. It’s a bit large, so if you’re in between sizes definitely size down. I tried on the small and I looked like a ball of fur. The XS fits much better, so I’m glad my mom ordered two different sizes. Moms. They are geniuses.

Good luck with the website, and enjoy your heavily discounted purchases!

A thanksgiving outfit idea!

I can’t believe how fast the weeks have been passing lately, especially since it’s gotten cold out and it’s getting dark so early.

About a month ago, Max and I celebrated our 2-year anniversary! We went out to dinner that night and it was a bit chilly. I felt like the outfit was the perfect fall holiday outfit, so I wanted to give you some thanksgiving outfit inspiration.

I’m obsessed with this cream-colored sweater from Madewell! (I’m wearing it as I write this) This balloon-sleeved sweater is great to dress up or down with jeans or a fun, fall skirt.

Skirt is old, from Topshop a few winters ago. It’s comfy and cute, and I found one for sale on Poshmark!

Not surprising, the shoes are my leather Soludos espadrilles, which I wore with jeans last year on thanksgiving. I would also suggest riding boots with a skirt, just to make you a bit warmer in the cold weather.

Reese Witherspoon’s cornbread chili pie

I’ve been dying to get Reese Witherspoon’s “Whiskey in a Teacup” book, but just haven’t quite gotten around to it.

Delish posted a recipe from Reese’s book on Instagram yesterday, and I sent it to my mom knowing we had to make it for Sunday.

Cornbread. chili. pie.

We decided to switch out the ground pork and ground beef mixture with ground turkey instead. The recipe came out SO delicious and it can all be made in one skillet.

It was like a meaty chili with a perfectly moist cornbread, topped with sour cream, cheese, and scallions, which Reese suggested. She also wrote that adding salsa is a good option, however we opted for some avocado instead.

I would give this a 10/10, as the cornbread was amazing and the chili had great flavor. Would have also been good with beef/pork as well.

Fuzzy pullover from Marshall’s

This past weekend while visiting my boyfriend in New Jersey, we stopped into Marshall’s. I told myself I didn’t need anything and I wasn’t going to buy anything, as we were just trying to kill some time before a movie.

Of course that’s never how it goes when you love to shop and you’re at Marshall’s. I walked in and browsed some shoes, before I was quickly drawn to a rack full of outwear.

I found this fuzzy, soft pullover that looked like a duplicate of other sherpas I have seen posted by various bloggers over the years! It was a lot colder over the weekend and I didn’t really bring layers, so I decided to purchase this pullover for $25, which I felt was still a good deal.

I later looked up the sherpa to see how much a non-duplicate would be to make myself feel better. I saw Amy from I Believe In Pink posted a similar one on her page, so I checked it out. She had the SAME brand as the one I just purchased linked from Nordstrom for $78!!!

I’m so happy I ended up buying the pullover and excited that it’s finally cold enough to wear something so cozy!



Bath & Body Works fall products

Many of us are ready for fall, but the weather isn’t quite there with us yet.

To get into the fall state of mind, I would recommend checking out Bath & Body Works new fall scents.

I went into one of the stores recently, and I loved so many of the seasonal products.

While stress relief will always be my go-to, here are some of the fall products I picked up recently that are AMAZING!

Marshmallow Fireside candle

This candle smells like perfect toasted marshmallows and honestly was my favorite of all the fall candles!

Autumn Nights body mist

Autumn Nights really does smell like a cool fall night! I don’t know how they do it, it’s the perfect amount of cool air and leaves.

Bonfire Bash body cream

Toasty marshmallows over the bonfire is exactly what this lotion smells like. It’s basically the marshmallow fireside candle in lotion form.

Sweater Weather body mist

Sweater Weather smells like a day on the farm picking apples, just as described. It’s so cool how the scents are made to remind you of colder weather just from smelling them.

A few of these scents are not available online, however they seem to be available in store. I would check your local Bath & Body Works for these awesome products!