Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! My family celebrated at home today for the first time in years. It was nice to have a delicious homemade meal, company, and another beautiful day.

My mom made 2 different quiches and cinnamon buns to start the day! I had them as more of a breakfast portion to our “brunch.” The first was spinach, asparagus & goat cheese and the second was a cheddar, mushroom & red pepper quiche.

I ran to Seven Stars Bakery to grab iced tea for my sister and I, in addition to a hot cross bun for my grandmother! Yesterday, my mom and I made some Easter-themed Rice Krispy treats, and today we decided to give them jelly bean eyes. We used the special “Spring” version of the Rice Krispies cereal and added some neon pink food coloring to give them even more of a fun spring feeling.

The cooking and cleaning continued, as well as getting ready for our guests to arrive.

After many outfit deliberations, I decided to wear a new pair of Lilly Palazzo Pants I got from the After Party Sale this past summer, along with my favorite sweater from Wooden Ships and J.Crew Espadrille Wedges.

Overall, a successful day with the family. One more day at home before I head back to NYC. Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow, hopefully that’s an April Fools joke. Hope everyone had an amazing Easter weekend!

The Sun Finally Came Out!

A few weeks ago, it seemed as if winter was NEVER going to end. Yesterday in NYC it was a mild day but rainy and not very sunny. I headed home after work to Rhode Island for Easter, and hoped that the weather would be sunny and warm.

I got just what I asked for, and today was a perfect sunny day! Not the warmest day but it was nice to sit outside in lululemon cropped leggings and a Patagonia pullover.

Today included some hanging out in the backyard, enjoying the nice weather and preparing for Easter at our house tomorrow. After shopping, baking, cooking and cleaning, all that is left is to pick out an outfit for tomorrow. Let’s hope the weather stays warm and sunny, because I’m breaking out the Lilly!

Anyway, here are the details for today’s outfit:

Sunglasses: Customized Ray-Ban Aviators

Pullover: Patagonia Re-Tool Snap-T

Necklace: Marlyn Schiff Silver Wishbone

Lilly Pulitzer: After Party Sale Purchases!

While Lilly lovers will buy items all year round for full price, every Lilly Pulitzer fan flocks to the bi-annual After Party Sale. With many Lilly Pulitzer items at up to 60% off, it is well worth the wait in the virtual line. I was never much of a fan of online shopping, until I heard about all the great deals offered during the After Party Sale.

The End of Summer Sale is usually where I go crazy and buy numerous pieces in gorgeous prints. Personally, the Winter Sale to me has always been an after thought, just because in Rhode Island in January it’s frigid and windy… not the ideal climate for a shorts plus tank-top combo. Recently, I feel as if Lilly has started to add more summery items to the Winter Sale and just making their items more summery with winter colors. Perfect for a winter trip to an exotic place!

Again, since the End of Summer Sale is usually where I spend my money, I try to limit myself to a few things at the Winter Sale. During the Summer Sale this year and last year, I got a pair of Palazzo Pants. I decided I needed tops to go with these pants, as well as other Lilly shorts/skirts I own. With tops as my goal today, I got 3 items that I absolutely love for under $125:

Nya Tank Top in Resort White

I love the elegant, beachy feel to this tank. I feel like I could wear it casually with a pair of shorts, or dress it up with pants and Jack Rogers for dinner! I went with a size S, and then I read the reviews that said it runs big. I might call to see if I can size down!

Lua Sweater in Resort White

This tank I saw in stores this summer and thought it would be a great item to buy in the sale! I also was pleasantly surprised to see it in white. This sweater tank is perfect for a winter night in Florida or a summer night on the Vineyard. I ordered a size S.

Luxletic Cropped Legging in Resort Navy Lobstah Roll

After much debate, I decided to buy a pair of the leggings. I am a big lululemon fan, and I have never tried on any of the Lilly Luxletic products. I read the reviews and decided to get a size XS. Hopefully they fit because these are so cute! Unfortunately, they are sold out now.

The sale continues until tomorrow at 11:59pm EST, and they still have so much great stuff in various sizes! Go check it out on the Lilly Pulitzer website.