Products I’m Loving Right Now

While waiting to meet some friends for dinner recently, I stopped in to blue mercury to kill some time. I’m always looking for masks or creams to help clear my skin of blemishes and impurities. Here I picked up a few products that I really like, so I wanted to share a few other products I have been impressed with! From skin care to home fragrances, these products are on my list of necessities.

Mario Badescu, Cucumber Tonic Mask, $18

This mask is amazing, and I would be honest if I thought otherwise. I have used many different skin care products over the years, and I see visible results from this mask. I noticed that my skin appeared to be tighter and my pores cleared of impurities. 10/10 would recommend to those with blackheads and/or acne. I have fairly sensitive skin and this hasn’t irritated it at all.

Renee RouleauPost-Breakout Fading Gel, $38.50

This stuff is pricey, but worth it in my opinion. I ordered this product to meet the shipping minimum and this product has really impressed me. I see visible results after daily application, which is some what of a unicorn in the skincare world.

Renee RouleauAnti-Cyst Treatment, $45.50

PSA– this is a lifesaver. Last week, I felt a cystic blemish appearing on my face. I don’t get them super often, but when I do they are usually large, red and painful. For years I would get this cystic acne and be in the dermatologist’s office getting cortisone shots to make them go down. This stuff works like a charm, I put it on the cystic pimple I saw felt on my face last week and its gone after 2-3 applications. I’m considering switching all my facial skin care products over to Renee Rouleau products.

Bath & Body Works, Bondi Beach Single Wick Candle, $14.50

I stumbled into Bath & Body Works a few weekends ago. I’m a sucker for these deals and for scented candles. This candle smells like summer, in a banana-flavored sunscreen kind of way. The smell is so great and it makes me feel relaxed when I’m trying to wind down at night.

Fresh,  Hesperides Grapefruit Eau de Parfum, $25

My second blue mercury pick up; this scent is light and smells exactly like grapefruit, not one bit artificial. Rollerballs have become a favorite of mine just for the convenience of them. I carry this around in my purse just in case I need to freshen up.

Glossier,  Lidstar, $30 for 2

Personally, I’ve never really been “into” makeup. I like mascara and a BB cream to cover my face, but I never really ventured much into eyeshadows other than a neutral palette from the drug store. These cream eye shadows are all parts glittery and easy to apply. Simple, but effective.

All of these are relatively affordable as well as available online, so feel free to try some and let me know what you think!


Cult Gaia Ark Bag Duplicate!!

If there’s one thing that many bloggers love, it’s the “Ark” bag from cult gaia. These bags are so cute and add a cool, beachy vibe to any outfit.

When I saw the price of Mackenzie Horan’s pearl acrylic cult gaia bag I gasped. I felt like an adult that says “you paid for clothes with holes in them?” In reference to ripped jeans. But nearly $300 for a bag that literally has holes in it? That is far too much.

After searching the internet for a good duplicate at a much lower price, I settled on this exact look-a-like bag from Amazon. You can’t even tell the difference, especially from a far! The bag I purchased came with a dust bag, as well as a little “silk” tie to add some flair, which was a really nice surprise.

I would definitely recommend checking out Amazon for less expensive options!

Lilly Pulitzer: After Party Sale Purchases!

While Lilly lovers will buy items all year round for full price, every Lilly Pulitzer fan flocks to the bi-annual After Party Sale. With many Lilly Pulitzer items at up to 60% off, it is well worth the wait in the virtual line. I was never much of a fan of online shopping, until I heard about all the great deals offered during the After Party Sale.

The End of Summer Sale is usually where I go crazy and buy numerous pieces in gorgeous prints. Personally, the Winter Sale to me has always been an after thought, just because in Rhode Island in January it’s frigid and windy… not the ideal climate for a shorts plus tank-top combo. Recently, I feel as if Lilly has started to add more summery items to the Winter Sale and just making their items more summery with winter colors. Perfect for a winter trip to an exotic place!

Again, since the End of Summer Sale is usually where I spend my money, I try to limit myself to a few things at the Winter Sale. During the Summer Sale this year and last year, I got a pair of Palazzo Pants. I decided I needed tops to go with these pants, as well as other Lilly shorts/skirts I own. With tops as my goal today, I got 3 items that I absolutely love for under $125:

Nya Tank Top in Resort White

I love the elegant, beachy feel to this tank. I feel like I could wear it casually with a pair of shorts, or dress it up with pants and Jack Rogers for dinner! I went with a size S, and then I read the reviews that said it runs big. I might call to see if I can size down!

Lua Sweater in Resort White

This tank I saw in stores this summer and thought it would be a great item to buy in the sale! I also was pleasantly surprised to see it in white. This sweater tank is perfect for a winter night in Florida or a summer night on the Vineyard. I ordered a size S.

Luxletic Cropped Legging in Resort Navy Lobstah Roll

After much debate, I decided to buy a pair of the leggings. I am a big lululemon fan, and I have never tried on any of the Lilly Luxletic products. I read the reviews and decided to get a size XS. Hopefully they fit because these are so cute! Unfortunately, they are sold out now.

The sale continues until tomorrow at 11:59pm EST, and they still have so much great stuff in various sizes! Go check it out on the Lilly Pulitzer website.